About us


EUROLIST.LV is a modern ad portal, whose task is to help the seller quickly and successfully sell, and the buyer to provide as many offers as possible, comprehensive information and a simple search.


We are faced with the task of helping you to promote your business as efficiently as possible. We promise simplicity in managing your ads and simple payment methods.


The EUROLIST.LV portal offers the following features:


  • Promoting your business with the help of your company profile - promote your business with simple and convenient solutions from EUROLIST.LV, correct information about your business at any time.


  • Setting notifications about your ads - save time on finding the right ads, EUROLIST.LV will do it for you in a couple of clicks.


  • Intuitive design - all sections are divided into blocks with images and names inside, which makes it much easier to search among a large number of categories.



  • Editing ads - edit the ad text and add new photos, at any time, while your ad is active.


The administration of the portal will be glad to receive feedback from you. Please let us know of any comments or suggestion.

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