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Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions for Using the Ad Service


User is an individual or legal entity placing an ad on EUROLIST.

The portal of ads provides an opportunity for registered users to post ads with a period of 1 month.

When registering, the user agrees with the terms and conditions of using the portal of ads.

In the case of the temporary inefficiency of the EUROLIST.LV portal, the terms of the ads are extended for the period of inaccessibility of the portal.

The user has the ability to edit those ad items, which allows the functionality of the EUROLIST.LV ad service


1. Free Ads


1.1 Free ads are accepted from all registered users of the portal EUROLIST.LV, in categories that provide the opportunity to post free ads.

1.2 Re-publication is possible not earlier than after the expiration of the publication of the previous announcement.
1.3 In a free advertisement it is allowed to place as many photos as the EUROLIST.LV advertising service calls. Collages, models, infographic and advertising posters are not allowed


2. Paid ads


2.1. There are two types of paid ads: Highlighted and with priority (are above other non-paid ads)

2.2. It is allowed to specify a link in a special field of the advertisement.
2.3. In a paid ad, you can place as many photos as the EUROLIST.LV ad service allows. Collages, models, infographic and advertising posters are not allowed.
2.4. The number of paid ads is unlimited.


3. Ad Content Rules


Ads are deleted or sent for editing:

3.1. Containing elements of violation of the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
3.2. Inappropriate categories of the portal ad. In the absence of a suitable section, it is allowed to place ads in the section closest to the topic with the option Other.
3.3. Without an accurate detailed description of the proposed product, service or vacancy, in which important details are missing (for example, product quality, condition, material, dimensions, etc.) and from the photograph, it is impossible to determine the specified details.
3.4. Containing text or photos, misleading users.  
3.5. Containing general text (for example, "any mobile phones," "different models," etc.).
3.6. Containing photos, which depicts more than one specific product described in the announcement.
3.7. In which the required fields are not filled or filled incorrectly, or contain incorrect, erroneous information.
3.8. The price declared does not correspond to reality
3.9. With photos that do not correspond to the specific offer indicated in the ad text.
3.10. Containing in the description of goods or services individual words, parts of words or text that is marked "Caps Lock" (for example: For sale RELIABLE car MERCEDES-BENZ S-class.).
3.11. The words in the first line of the ad: Promotion, Sale, Special offer, Unique prices, Super offer, Attention, New and other marketing speech, designed to attract users' attention to the ad.
3.12. In any way, they violate copyrights or trademark rights.
3.13. In languages ​​other than Latvian, Russian or English; Also containing the text in Russian, typed in transliteration. Containing a large number of errors in the text.
3.14. For which there are multiple complaints.
3.15. About work in video chat, erotic photo and video, as well as about providing sex services in any form.
3.16. On the distribution of medicines. About earnings on the Internet by means of registrations, clicks, views or other questionable kinds of activity.
3.17. With the offer of cigarettes, alcohol (except for collectables), precursors, controlled medicines, dangerous or harmful products and substances, as well as goods not certified in accordance with EU standards.
3.18. Containing proposals of counterfeit goods or goods of contraband origin.
3.19. Repeated ads, in which the link leads to the first page of the user's site. You can only link to the specific product specified in the ad.
3.20. Not allowed to publish links to Internet pages that contain links to other ad services.
3.21. With the offer of occult services - astrology, divination, alternative medicine, etc.
3.22. On the collection of deposits, donations, contributions and other investments in any form.
3.23. Containing links to pages that are not related to the subject of the ad
3.24. Announcements with twisted mileage meters or with incorrect mileage indication, with or without car numbers hidden or changed in the photo, indicating another year of release or other fraudulent activities.


4. Organization of order


4.1. Portal administrators all ads listed in section 3 are deleted or sent for editing.

4.2. In the case of gross or repeated violations, the user's account may be blocked.
4.3. At the request of the LR Police, injured persons and judicial authorities, the identity and protocol of the user's actions are issued to the claimants in writing or electronically.


Responsibility and Limitation of Liability


The company, the administrator, as well as the owner of the EUROLIST.LV ads portal are not responsible for the content of the ads, as well as for possible losses or inconveniences related to the work or unavailability of the ad portal, except for clause 5.


Change of conditions and rules


The rules and conditions for the provision of the EUROLIST.LV portal can be changed, supplemented or amended and come into effect from the moment of publication on the site.


Date of publication: 01/01/2019 Close

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